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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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question thank you yourself your work and obviously have to go over this in more detail before we get to the approval stage you mentioned surfaces parking lot this is to condition their operation if they get conditional use but not parking garages. >> no, this is for parking lots and this is part of the owners that the commissioners reviewed a couple of years ago and it's been lagging but still moving forward albeit it slowly and i'll have to look at it closely i want to make sure there's nothing in here that is subsequential most of it is reorganization but we had something along those links a
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couple of the we ended up abandoning formula retail that was sandwiched in with a lot of housekeeping things we voted for that it was my fault and other for not reading the fine print. right i've tried the reason there are one hundred and 16 uses now in this owners is because i didn't delete anything we have the pat and delivery stables i've tried to maintain such as i can the staff report in september will be more thorough but there's not that big of a change so - >> thank you. commissioner sugaya
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>> yes. in the cross outs and the under lines and everyone in the body of the ordinance itself were there lined out sections are some of those lined out sections - how shall i say this - human resources there are lined out sections introductions in other parts of the ordinance that could replace that go to page 1 61 it's easier to give an example. so for example, you have a whole section about 2/3rd's of the page that is lined out correct and those refer to such things as accessory uses and section c
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refers to antennas on buildings are all those cross outs intended to be replaced by hindu u unhealthy noise emissions >> it crows out those northeast ordinances and the idea with the northeast ordinance to take out to replace with performance measures. >> but in other parts of the document were there cross outs would a replacement of that language be somewhere else. >> no, it should be there but in some instances we took out
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location and operation requirements moved to another section to not immediately clear. >> right. >> the way judy organized it if the language is not being removed intirl but appearing in other section they're not new she did with with the anticipation so people knew where it was coming from. >> and one last question i ran into it on page one hundred 65. >> i like that you actually looked at it. >> i didn't read everything. some of it it caught my eye on section 201 a we're going adding language existing language says we'll be rounding down but then
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we're adding language that says except in the mom and dad's we're going to round them up is that coming from something >> there's a change in supervisor wiener's recent proposal i'm not entirely sure. >> okay. >> make some comment? >> sorry i'm move to approve the resolution with intent to approve. >> we would like to set a date september 24th i recommend the committee consider
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september 12th and i'll not be here for the entire month of september. >> september 4th is a very full calendar it's the first hearing after the break so i might want to consider october the 23 is open. >> october 2nd. >> very good. >> again i'm sorry october 2nd, i will not be here i'll be here the next week to complete the staff report. >> what do you recommend. >> i recommend september 4th. >> but in october what do you recommend. >> october 9th is this week after october 2nd. >> october 16th? enjoy your time off >> he has to get feedback from the city attorney's office.
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>> commissioners then there's a motion and a second to adapt a resolution to initiate and set a hearing to consider those hearings on october 16th. commissioner antonini. commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner sugaya. commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 5 to zero >> so i realize there's a lot of people for the next item i appreciate your patience but the commission is going to take a very short break and we'll come back back intosession. >> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco planning commission regular hearing for
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thursday, july 24, 2014. i'd like to remind the members of the audience to please silence electronics commissioners we've left off on your calendar with item 11 at 233 maple street as long as as washington street conditional use authorization >> mar woods the project before you is the presidio hills group on 3839 washington street to have a conditional use authorization on maple street for accessible use as well. the two lots are awe 59 and the most of the work will occur at
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the rear and back it will add 9 thousand square feet to the existing square footage for 26 thousand upon completion the classroom will increase from 14 to 16 classrooms and the enforcement if 2 hundred to two hundred and 40, however, for the agreement with the neighborhood groups the enrollment will be changed from 230 to 240. the neighbors have expressed concerns and the project sponsor has been working with the neighbors and with the help of supervisor mar that led the coalition between the school and neighbors i see that supervisor farrell is here so i'm going to defer to supervisor farrell
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thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners mark farrell in the board of supervisors i first of all, want to thank director ram and scott sanchez and mary woods for their help you technology can't comment but i'll let you you know that so is this is contention is an understatement we've worked over the course of countless meetings but it's been an amazing process to the point we'll hear if the school and neighborhood it an agreement in terms of allowing this to go forward it's an, an incredible road thanks to all the members from the neighborhood community
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ron and bill and jim and especially from the school mary who have put countless hours to avoid fights and thanks to everyone involved and please know what you're seeing is a product of a lot of hard work so thanks. >> additional staff comments? >> yes. thank you mary woods department stapling staff with the help of the supervisor and the neighboring neighbors some agreement has been reached and they have requested that 15 additional conditions be incorporated into the conditions draft motion. most of the conditions the staff can added to the motion and some
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are incorporated as standard conditions. hour there is one condition related to adding future white zones to the school the department feels we can't accept under the pressure view of the parking and traffic. so what is before you and i think commission secretary passed out a letter that details the 8 new conditions that would be added to the draft motion that's before you. if you have any questions i would more happy to answer. the departments recommendation is for approval with the additional 8 conditions. thank you. >> thank you. we'll go ahead and open up to public comment (calling names) if you want to line up on that
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side of the room away from the door it will be helpful (calling names) am i getting the right this is like a bingo game >> i apologize. >> you had more speaker cards. >> any public comment on that item? >> okay. any public comment on that item? thanks >> commissioners i'm ethan the current chair of the board at the hills school i want to acknowledge the incredible work put forward by the supervisor farrell and his staff getting us here today he made reference to the fact this had been
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contentious we could expect is a longer process and i want to thank the neighbors directly so what our negotiations bill and jim perspire. we're not going to make a formal presentation but if you have questions about the architect of the school the head of our school is present and able to answer them and the architect go is here and able to answer questions we were not planning on making a formal presentation today. secondly, mary introduced the concept of the alleged conditions this came about from a period of a lot of hours the last thing we took the
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conditions currently under which we're running the school and the produced product was this list it's included in the letter you should have i wrote last night and ron wrote the same thing >> we have a comment on the quite zone that's a condition we've would by in 2000 since it was approved there's an issue of jurisdiction but for cleanliness we hope you'll leave it in as something we could reference in the future and again, we're requesting this as a additional constraint on us and if you can't do that we'll take care of it outside of that other than
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that i'll stop and let ron come. >> i got a little bit out of order and should of called for the project sponsor. >> do you want to hear from them. >> if you are ready to go. >> it's up to you guys to hear how much you want to hear from them. come on up >> commissioners. thank you, thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today, i'm square foot i'm the head of presidio school. we come to you today is this not working >> it will come up in a minute. >> oh, there you go. we come to ask for two things one to convert the property at
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233 maple street from residential to educational use and to increase our enrollment from 2 hundred and 2 hundred and thirty students presidio school has been there since 1918 for the factory model of education of its time. you might ask yourselves as many people do what's a progressive school. to summarize briefly progressive education has two condones one an emphasis on social justice and preparing students for democracy. the schools history includes events shrlt european russians from the nazi being the first
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independent school in san francisco to admit african-american children in the 1940s pr being the first time independent school to march in the pride parade to meet our goals the school offers three-quarters of a million dollars in tuition this is a significant amount in a $5 million budget 25 percent of our students gets the assistance and the grant is 18 thousands average. rational and ethnic diversities are important to us. 46 percent of our students identify as children of color and come from 22 zip codes in san francisco. the second component centers on the way students learn it puts the student at the center of the enterprise students that have
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interests in skills and it's itself teachers roll to draw on the students skills nourishing the students skills. teaching progressively takes more space children's space need more stacey space here's where we've been lacking currently students work outside and even in my office classes are two small and not enough of them. our outdoor spaces are severely limited as well when the opportunity to purchase 233 maple street we thought immediately f that could significantly help by adding half again, the current indoor and outdoor spaces as mentioned presidio has been in the presidio heights for nearly one hundred years we like it there
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and want to preserve the neighborhood as our neighbors we have partnerships with the local businesses with the presidio and with the rec and park department with the institute on angling and many more we want to be good neighborhoods and building our agreement with the association will further that relationship. we also want to be the best school to truly live our mission we need more space and have before you an opportunity to make that happen. thank you for this chance to speak to you and your consideration of our requests. >> hi good afternoon, commissioners architect. along with other architecture. as ass an architect and it gives
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me pleasure the product of unusual hours from the school and the neighborhood. incorporating 233 maple into the presidio campus will gain us another 50 percent program space and 40 percent exterior place for the children staying true to our roots in presidio heights we've been on the site for one hundred years we share the rear yard so our daily functions can occur through the front door on the street with the curve side white zone and access to the building across the rear yard. it's a potential historic resource to protecting this building is something we take seriously and it's will a tllt it's a wonderful building and
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handsome details and adds a lot of detail to the fabricated it will be xcht with the relocate and we're not proposing any changes to the facade beside a new oriental gate all the locations are to the rear for example, the elevators on the north side and pushed back. we have a two-story edition not back that is replacing a 280 condition out of view from the public. a brief tour of the school just to highlight the neighbors and city at large the ground floor will have 26 classrooms and parking spaces for bicycle in the ground floor in the maples library and immediate tech
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center. think the first floor are the heart of the school we have the lower classrooms splil out and on the second floor because of the location of those younger classrooms in the building we've freeing up a lot of space it will double in size we'll do some acoustic fencing around the playground happening at the lower level on the top is the balance of the middle school and the administration places. the incorporation of the presidio came busing puss will be tremendous and the project will allow more opportunity. the student body address the spaces like the learning spaces and the tech center and the small business we're here to ask
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for your approval and thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is is ron i'm here been a lot of the fan the presidio heights association of neighborhoods and on brown on behalf of the nightclubs that are adjacent and close to the state and local school we've been working closely with the members of the school community to reach the agreement we have now reached so i could say we're wholeheartedly some support there was a letter that came out some of you have seen it that encourages or urges our support to you for this project. i'd like to take a second as was s. by ethan to thank you
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supervisor farrell and his department i know how this building works and supervisor mark farrell is remarkable and thank you to ethan and mary who is a board chair those two were involved with jim and myself and all attorneys forging at the end of the day a pretty good relationship going forward with that, thank you it's been a grueling process but hopefully, the results maples we wouldn't have to worry about those things and we on behalf of the neighborhood you urge your support >> thank you. is there any additional public comment. >> forgot one thing i wanted to mention as ethan wise brought a tremendous detail something that
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was important for the immediate neighborhoods was the white zones stay the way they it are and urge although the department didn't recommend the continuing inclusion of the white zone use conditions or provisions that that item be included in this as well we'll ask you to include that with that. thank you >> thank you. is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner sugaya >> sorry. it's heart living that an agreement has buena been done but everyone appreciates the hard work i wasn't here for the presentation in the beginning
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but ms. woods you have conditions of the approval to the draft motion there are 8 new conditions >> yes. >> and some of them are incorporated from the requested conditions that have been hammered out between the two parties and some left out. >> right. >> and one that was mentioned about the white zone i assume it's left out because we don't have jurisdiction over some of the other ones and that one. >> the 6 other ones were left out their standard conditions that already in the draft motion that's before you those were left out and the remaining 8 those are the new and the last one regarding the future woody allen one was a mta jurisdiction. >> i'll admit we don't believe that's appropriate as a
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condition of approval that didn't preclude an agreement that was reached by the party and they've agreed to that i think those are issues that's been settled by the we can't enforce that. >> right it's understandable i guess the commission can, you know, indicate that this is not something desirable from our review of the document and not included in the document. with that, i mean, i'll move to approve with conditions and the additional 8 conditions >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'm happy to hear there's an agreement made within the parties and schools i have a question for mary woods as the motion stated includes the required commission action but a
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number of features that are included it talks about the change from residential to educational the dwelling unit the change of the 12 united conversion to institutional and certain months ago to put an institutional use between the zone of the school that's still in the motion. >> yes. >> commissioner fong. >> i'm excited we're here and both parties have come to an agreement it started off as a contention situation but we want to see those get solved by the neighbors themselves. i've heard from different parts the neighborhood and happy to see them forge frindz and maybe
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a barbecue will come forward i've already seconded it >> commissioner johnck. >> i'll echo congratulation to the folks if we are serious about keeping people in san francisco the best way to keep the folks in san francisco to expand this schools tend to be in neighborhoods there are issues will loading and unloading and noise and things like that i'm glad that worked out well. >> just for clarity sake commissioner sugaya your motion included a of the of the support for the private agreement regarding the future of the white design i don't know if we can say that but the commissioners by needing their headings heads. >> just a consensus not